Learn the tips to play double-deck Blackjack online! 

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Do you want to learn a new aspect of Blackjack? If you aren’t aware of the double-deck game, then you can try it out. You need to make a few changes in the normal blackjack game and then you can start playing double-deck games at the 3win online game. If you want to explore the broader aspect of Blackjack gambling, then nothing can be better than choosing a Blackjack casino. You can assume that the eight-deck and the six-deck game will allow you to double after the pair splitting. Here you can check out the basic rules of double-deck gaming. 

  • Rules for DAS and S17 game

There is a certain playing strategy which you need to choose when you switch from six-deck to double-deck game are splitting 6-6 against the dealer 7. You can also double down with hard 9 or hard 11 against the dealer. These options can work well when you are into deck-eight and deck-six game but want to make a switch to the double-deck Blackjack. It can make your game more interesting and thrilling.  

  • Rules for DAS and H17 game

The dealer has to hit H17 or soft 17 instead of choosing stand 17 to get into the double-deck game. Against dealer 4, you can go for double down A3. Against dealer 6 you can choose soft 19 or double down A8.

You can face a low house edge when you will play these tactics in the game. Before you get into double-deck gaming, you should be aware of all the basic rules of the game. Not every casino has just the same rules and that’s why you need to be aware of their gaming strategy. 

Card counting in a double-deck game 

There are certain changes in your betting method when you do card counting in double-deck. In the case of double-deck, the true count can fall or rise frequently. You will get the chance to play more hands when you will have an edge. In the case of a six-deck game, you need to stay patient because it can take many rounds before your count will be positive. Wen your count stays positive for a long time, then you can make big bets and earn a lot of money. 

In double-deck Blackjack, counting can quickly change to negative or positive within single rounds also. If you can get the chance to play double-deck with 75% penetration, then it will be more profitable than 50% penetration. You would play more hands when you will get an edge in the game. Good gamblers prefer to play the double-deck game with better penetration and good rules. 

Opt for a reputed online casino to avoid cybersecurity issues 

You need to stay aware of your betting and card counting while playing a double-deck Blackjack game. If you don’t want to face any transaction or payment issue, then you need to make your account at the reputed online casino. When you will make your account at the well-known online casino, there will be higher chances of earning lots of money. There will be no chances of cyber issues when you choose a trusted casino online. 


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