All About Online Casino Betting

What comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘betting’? Gambling? Or something else. Betting is nothing but a kind of gambling like live casino malaysia . If we look through the dictionary meaning of the word ‘betting’, it reads “an act of gambling money on the outcome of a race, game, or any unpredictable event”. Let us discuss the various aspects of online gambling.

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History of online casino

In the past, there are numerous records where Sports Betting has blasted and ever since it continues to grow every year. Sadly, even players online live casino malaysia are not able to save themselves from this trap of betting in their respective fields. Betting not only includes pre-deciding of the outcome, but it also declares how a person or a player should perform as his performance would affect the outcome! 

Usually, people bet for earning more money than they would win. In betting, both the sides; be it the winning or the losing, they both get a fixed amount of money for their performance or shall I say ‘under-performance’. People who provide betting services are known as ‘bookers’ or ‘bookies’. People who place bets have different names with across parts of the world. For instance, he/she is called a ‘bettor’ in the US and likewise a ‘punter‘ in the UK. 


Legality of online betting

The governments of different countries have set different rules of gambling in their countries. England has come up with a new set of rules to regulate the bets placed online 12Joker. Similarly, in Australia through the Interactive Gambling Act, gambling was declared legal in 2001. In South Africa, providing betting services online of placing bets online is illegal. If we talk about the Indian Subcontinent, it is still illegal in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Although betting is illegal in most of India, still people indulge in it. Through online or offline modes, people have outsmarted the government in placing bets., a website that provides betting services through online mode, accepts all betting requests of Indian addresses. A UK based betting website, bet365 also enables people from all over India to bet. 

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Cricket betting in India

Cricket is a religion in India. People not only watch it but worship it. So it is easier for the bookies to target this game here as most people watch it. A major scandal broke out in India during 1999-2000 South Africa-India tournament; several players found match-fixing the entire game. There have been numerous accounts when players were wedged on camera tampering with the ball or under-performing by their own will. They got paid to affect the result and bookies could make more money out of the match-fixing. Not only Cricket, other sports such as tennis have also been involved in betting. BBC investigated and found out that match-fixers have been trying to bet on around 26000 professional matches, from the year 2009 to 2015. 


People have their emotions connected to them. If the result of the game is pre-decided, what is the use of having it? 


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